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District Governor G. Kritikos meets with members of DoP chapter “Thetis” of Brussels

District Governor Georgios Kritikos meets with members of the Grand Lodge of the Daughters of Penelope including the Grand President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, the European Liaison as well as other Daughters from around Europe during their visit to Brussels for a number of meetings and activities of the European chapters. The events were […]

Κοπή Βασιλόπιτας τμημάτων της ΑΗΕΡΑ στη Βιέννη

Από την πρόσφατη εκδήλωση των τμημάτων της ΑΗΕΡΑ στην Βιέννη «Nikolaus Dumba» και Θυγατέρων της Πηνελόπης “Princess Sissy” για την παραδοσιακή κοπή της βασιλόπιτας.