District 28 Lodge continues activities through VTCs

On October 11, and December 19, District 28 Lodge held virtual sessions (VTCs) in order to make sure that Chapter activities continue unabated to the extent possible under the current exceptional circumstances. The videoconferences were attended by Region 10 Supreme Governor Phanos Pitiris.

Despite persisting difficulties, D28 membership was increased this year to more than 250 Brothers all over Europe. Two more Chapters were virtually established in Munich (Germany) and in Enfield/London (UK).

Special attention was given to charity activities, as well as to ideas to organize events across Europe commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

In this light, the District 28 made donations to:

1) the Iosifoglio Orphanage in Piraeus through Chapter A615 (Westminster – € 500);

2) the Children’s Village in Filiro, through the Chapter A608 (Stuttgart – € 500); and

3) the family of a Greek teenage patient (Eleni M.) suffering from a rare form of brain cancer, who is being treated at the University Hospital of Heidelberg, through Chapter A611 (Wiesbaden – €500). Adding separate donations of €2,860 from Chapter A611 (Wiesbaden) and €1,000 from Chapter A610 (Brussels), the total amount of support to Eleni’s family has reached €4,360 so far.